Onion propeller cutter M650

Description of equipment

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  Onion cutter is a machine which cleans the onion from residues of soil, poorly adhering scales and cuts a dried chives. Working element of the machine are two cutting knives driven by motors of 2,2 kW each. The onion is transmitted to the bin from which it is directed to the selection table where it is divided into onion of small diameter and the onion proper for cutting. Small onions are transported outside the machine by means of a chute and bigger onions are transmitted for cutting. Because of used drive, the machine can work only near the farm. 

Technical specification

Number of cutting propellers (pcs.) 2
Weight (kg) 680
Efficiency (t/h) ~ 6,2
Drive of cutter propellers  two 3-phase electric motors 2,2 kW (1460 rpm.) 
Feeding table drive 3-phase electric motor 1,1 kW (960 rpm.) 
Length (m) 4,15
Width (m) 1,22
Height (m) 1,48

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