Frontal tank


Frontal tank

KFMR KRUKOWIAK offers frontal tank for field sprayers in two capacities 1100 and 1500 litres, dedicated mainly for sprayers of Heros series of capacity up tp 1900 liters, giving the opportunity to create a set of up to 3 400 liters hung directly on the tractor.

There is no need to convince anyone about the advantages of the frontal tanks, they provide not only the possibility of increasing the capacity of the mounted sprayer so one can increase the efficiency of treatments but it is also a great way to balance the weight distribution on the front and rear of the tractor. Making treatments with the mounted sprayer has many advantages, for example reduced area of the pressed plants on the headland and much more convenient way to maneuver than with a trailed sprayer. However, during the treatment rear of the tractor is still loaded by the weight of the sprayer and the working fluid in the tank. Practically it is necessary to add loading to the front of the tractor, frontal tank is perfect for this role and it increases the sprayer opportunities at the same time. 

KRUKOWIAK frontal tanks are made of plastic which makes them light, resistant to damage and easy to clean. Moreover there are two additional tanks hidden in the solid: clean water tank and hand-washing tank. Those tanks are placed on the sound frame and are suitable for mounting on the fron hitch point of the tractor.   

The tanks are available in two main versions of equipment. The most popular version is with hydraulic stirrer driven by electric pump (12 V). The electric pump is used only to drive the stirrer. Connection with the sprayer is carried out by means of two ports enabling liquid flow in both directions. Preparationof working liquid is carried out in the main tank; the liquid is then pumped into the frontal tank. After preparation of the next portion of liquid in the main tank the set ready for use. When during the treatment liquid in the main tank is used up, one should stop and pump the liquid from the frontal tank. Pumping is carried out by means of the liquid pump of the sprayer; the speed of pumping from one tank to another depends on the pump efficiency. 

In the second version the frontal tank is equipped with its own liquid pump driven hydraulically and a block of electrovalves, by means of which it is possible to pump the working liquid while driving.  

In each version the frontal tank is equipped with the hydraulic stirrer, LED road lights, dry liquid level indicator and a drain valve.  


Frontal tank

  - Tank capacity 1100 or 1500 l
  - Italian polythene tank 
  - Clean water tank for washing of the system 
  - Hand-washing tank 

Equipment of the frontal tank according to the indivdual arrangements 


Frontal tank


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