1-row potato digger ECO

Description of equipment


  1-row potato digger ECO is a machine for farms cultivating potatoes, mostly for their own needs. Due to the simplified construction, the machine is relatively cheap but it does not reduce its functionality.

Technical specification

Number of rows  1
Working width (m) 0,625 - 0,675
Spacing width (cm) 62,5 - 67,5
Weight (kg) 290
Power demand (HP) 24
Efficiency (ha/h) 0,1
Drive PTO 540 rpm.
Digging element share
Number of conveyor tapes (pcs.) 1
Working speed (km/h) 1,5 - 5
Aggregating mounted on the rear hitch point
Length (m) 2,28
Width (m) 1,25
Height (m) 1,22

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